Online Trading Service Conditions


Guidelines for using the GCX Online Trading Platform
Online trading is an extension to GCX’s trading activities and allows traders to partake in trading activities remotely. This feature is provided for the convenience of our members to reduce the burden of having them be physically present at the GCX trading sites to trade.

In order to ensure good and proper functioning of this service, traders who wish to trade remotely need to accept and abide by the following terms and conditions:

1. The Trading interface is currently built for desktop and laptops computers (not tablets and smartphones). Desktop and laptops computers to be used for online trading are required to meet the following minimum technical specifications:

Processor Dual core with at least 2 GB RAM

Recommended Operating System Microsoft Windows 10

Recommended Internet Browser Microsoft Edge

Screen Resolution 1024 x 768

Internet Speed 3G

2. Traders will be required to pass a proficiency test on using the online trading platform before access can be granted.

3. Traders are required to keep their passwords safe and secure. An initial default password will be issued by the Exchange and should be changed after the first login. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and may consist of a combination of letters and numbers.

4. Traders are to ensure that their mobile numbers and email addresses lodged with the membership department (during registration) are accurate. The Exchange will not be responsible for establishing the accuracy of the information provided.

5. The Exchange reserves the right to block, suspend or revoke a member from accessing the online trading platform if the member is found to have abused or misused their privileges by way of violating the rules of the Exchange, violating any of the terms of this guidelines or on detection of any suspicious activity on the member’s account.

6. All trades made on Trading Interface are final. Traders are expected to take the necessary precautions when entering bids or offers. Members who lose connectivity while performing trades are required to contact any of the support numbers as soon as possible and inform them of the last activity performed on the trading platform.

7. Traders are required to sign out of their accounts and close the internet browser after each trade. This is especially important when trading on public computers (such as internet cafes) or on public or unsecured networks.

8. All requests for change of phone numbers and email addresses should be made in writing within 24hrs to the Membership Department on the following email address

9. The Exchange reserves the right to conduct inspections of users at their premises to assess the validity and legitimacy of the end user and the computer equipment being used.

10. The Exchange reserves the right to monitor trading activity of members for purposes of surveillance. The Exchange will notify members immediately of any suspicious activity detected on their account. Members who detect suspicious activity on their account are expected to report same to the Exchange for further investigations.

11. Members will be given 2-day notice via SMS and email of scheduled maintenance activities that is likely to cause the online system to be unavailable. The duration and the expected date and time for restoration of service will also be communicated.

12. Members will be notified immediately in case or cases of unexpected or unplanned maintenance. The duration and the expected date and time for restoration of service will also be communicated.

These guidelines are provided to promote best practices with using the Online Trading platform. However, the Exchange reserves the right to amend any of these clauses to continue to promote good practice and safeguard the integrity of the platform.  

GCX Support Numbers:

Kindly contact GCX helpdesk on 0260600343, 0208870340 or on extension 7021 on any of the following numbers: 0302690657 or 0302690666. Alternatively, you may reach us via email using
I, the undersigned, have read, understood and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.