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Program Overview

The Ghana Commodity Exchange in collaboration with the Ghana Investment and Securities Institute (GISI), introduces to you the Ghana Commodity Exchange Certificate Programme in Commodity Training (CPCT). Positioned as the exclusive Commodity Exchange in Ghana, in a nation experiencing rapid economic growth on the African continent, GCX is undertaking the significant responsibility of enhancing the capacity and expertise of market actors and stakeholders. This undertaking is intended to establish a robust foundational understanding of Commodity Trading practices. GCX is deeply committed to the task of educating, informing, and training individuals who have a keen interest in Commodity Trading. The primary aim of the programme is to empower you(participants) with comprehensive knowledge of Commodity Trading, resulting in the achievement of a certificate. This certificate will not only serve as a testament to your acquired knowledge but will also be an essential prerequisite for securing a trading license within the Commodity Exchange. The GCX Certificate Programme in Commodity Trading (CPCT) is designed to provide you with a profound understanding of the commodity trading market. It will place a particular emphasis on key aspects, including an overview of commodity exchanges, spot contract design, warehouse receipts systems, trading operations, clearing and settlements, legal and regulatory frameworks, market data, ethics, membership, and more. Participants in the program will have access to comprehensive learning materials, such as presentations, videos, case studies, and assessment tools. Upon completing the course, participants will be required to take an examination, achieving a minimum score of 60 percent to qualify for a certificate. The examination will consist of 50 questions to be answered within a 90-minute time frame. Incorrect answers will result in deductions, while unanswered questions will not impact the final score.

Benefits of the Program

Wide Recognition

Certification from widely recognized and accredited institutions, namely the Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX) and the Ghana Institute of Securities & Investment (GISI), respectively.


Fulfilling licensing requirements for trading on the Exchange is a critical step for individuals and entities aiming to participate in commodity trading within a regulated market environment. This process ensures that all market participants meet the necessary legal and educational standards, maintaining the integrity and stability of the trading platform.

Career Development

Understanding legal, regulatory, and ethical standards in commodity trading is key to career advancement in financial services. This knowledge ensures compliance, fosters integrity, and broadens career opportunities in trading and risk management. Equipped with these insights, professionals navigate market complexities, leading to accelerated career growth and leadership roles in a dynamic industry.

Market Data Knowledge

A deep understanding of commodities markets, insights into trading operations on exchanges, and extensive knowledge of market data equip professionals for advanced analysis and strategic decision-making in the trading industry.

Benefits of the Program

Wide Recognition

Certification from GCX and GISI, enhancing professional credibility.


Essential for legal trading, ensuring market integrity and compliance.

Career Development

Advances understanding of industry standards, promoting career growth.

Market Data Knowledge

Facilitates strategic decision-making through in-depth market insights.

Our Partner

GISI is an institute for the training of professionals in securities and investment markets. Its members are the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), Ghana Securities Industry Association (GSIA) and Central Securities Depository (CSD). The mandate of GISI is to train professionals, conduct research, and undertake public education for the Securities and Investment markets

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Meet the Facilitators

Tucci Ivowi

Overview of Commodity Exchanges

Robert Dowuona Owoo

Legal and Regulatory Framework

Richard Ankrah


Harold Okai Tettey, PhD

Market Data

Trading Operations

Albert Nii Ayi Tagoe

Warehouse Receipt Systems

Clearing and Settlement

Roselyn Siaw


Wendy Malm

Trading Operations

Commodity Contracts

Vitus Ninfaakang

Market Surveillance

Clearing and Settlement

Program Coordinator

Jemimah Naa Adjeley Oppong-Gyamfi


All applicants are required to pay a One-time Registration Fee of GH¢100. This fee is mandatory for all.

You then have the option to enroll in either the Virtual Course for GH¢1,000 or the In-person Course for GH¢1,500.

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Join Our Certificate Programme in Commodity Trading (CPCT),Conducting a Robust Foundational understanding of Commodity Trading Practices. The CPCT Program does not grant a license to trade on the Commodities markets. Licensing is strictly overseen by the Regulator the Securities & Exchange Commission. However, the certification will be one of the essential prerequisites for securing a trading license within the Commodity Exchange.